vC Ops : Foundation Calculations for Health Badge Score

I was asked if there is a difference in the way the Calculations for Health works in vC Ops Foundation. Well there is a big difference. Lets explain.

In the Higher Editions of the vSphere UI (Standard/Advance/Enterprise) Health is calculated based on 3 Rolled up Sub Badges :

  • Workload
  • Anomalies
  • Faults

In Foundation we don’t have the Sub Badge of Anomalies and Faults(We do display Faults but not as a Badge) like in the Higher Editions(Note that we do send alerts on Faults). So how then do we calculate the Health Badge Score in Foundation? What is taken into consideration ?

Below we can see that my AD01-Server Health is at 71% with no Faults. Calculation for Health would seems to be : 100 – 29% (as memory is the highest utilized resource) = 71%.

Next is my ESX01 Host. I created a Nic Down Fault on the host which then added a fault score for me of 70. My Memory Demand is 45% (So we would have expected a Health Score of 55% based on above). As you can see below my Health Score is 30. This is due to Fault Score that is taken into consideration.

Screenshot without the Fault on the ESX01 Host, Health at 57% as Memory is at 43% Demand:

The points to take away here is that we do take into account Faults and Workload to calculate the Health Badge Score.  

In addition I would also recommend that you change the Default Badge Thresholds. As you can see above a Memory Workload of 43% will change the Health to 57% and change the Badge Color to Yellow. You need to evaluate what is the Badge Thresholds for your own Environment related to Infrastructure and VM’s.

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