Freenas 9.3 and VAAI Enhancements

I use Freenas in my lab for all my shared storage. Just find it easy to install and work with. I noticed some good updates in version 9.3 of Freenas that is worth sharing.


From the Release notes, full VAAI for all 7 primitives (you can find them here) have been added:

Kernel iSCSI has completely replaced the old iSCSI code, adding support for VMWare VAAI (all 7 primitives), MS ODX and Windows 2012 Clustering as well as much higher performance and space efficiency (zero’d blocks can now be reclaimed). Support for STUN and pool storage thresholds also makes VMWare behavior far more robust when ZFS pools fill up.

Min 8Gb disk

With Version 9.3 the recommendation is now a 8Gb disk (or Memory Stick, I use them in my lab)

Just a bit more on my storage in my lab that I use. The configuration is as follow :

  • 2x HP Micro Servers
  • 6Gb memory
  • 4Gb (will be 8Gb now) memory stick
  • Hard Drive configurations :
    • 2x 1Tb SSHD (they have 8Gb SSD on the Disk)
    • 3x 500Gb 7200 rpm SATA
    • 2x 250Gb 7200 rpm SATA
    • 1x 2Tb 7200 RPM SATA
  • Each Micro Server only have 1 onboard Nic that I use
  • No Jumbo Frames ans the inboard nic do not support it

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