Deep Security & vROPS : Importing the DSM certificate into vROPS

This is an overview on how to import the Deep Security Certificate into vROPS. This is needed to ensure the Deep Security Adapter will work correctly. Note that this process must be done before the DSM Adapter is installed.

The process involves the following :

  • Copy the Import-Cert script to the Analytic’s VM
  • Copy the DSM Certificate to the the Analytic’s VM
  • Run the Import Script to import the Certificate into the Analytic’s VM keystore file

Copy the Import Script and DSM Certificate to Analytic’s VM

Using WinSCP, login at the root user copy the following two files to the /root folder of the Analytic’s VM:

Login to the console of the Analytic’s VM (via VM Console or Putty) as the root user. Import the DSM Certificate as follow:

  • from the /root folder
  • chmod +x import-cert
  • ./import-cert
  • When asked for the full path, enter as follow: /root/dsmcert.cer  (Where dsmcert.cer is the name of the DSM Certificate)

The import should complete success fully. Once this process is complete the DSM vCOPS Adapter can be installed.

  1. chris_vandenabbeele

    Hi Hugo,
    I’m trying this with vRops and I get an error that the usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/con/truststore does not exist.
    Any tips?

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