VMtools : vShield Driver renamed to Guest Introspection Driver

When ESXi 5.5 Update 2 was released I read in the release notes that the vShield Driver in VMtools was renamed. During an installation I did this week I thought to take a screenshot of the new driver. The new name is called: Guest Introspection Drivers. As per the release notes it is just  a name change, noting more. Read here about this change in the release notes. Below is a screenshot of the VMtools with the new driver name:


  1. they need to stop renaming everything like for example,
    Vcloud automation to vRealize Automation,
    this is a stupid thing.

  2. Thank you for sharing all this information and interesting items
    I have a question please
    In the below document:
    Deep security propose two installation types:
    • Installation with agent
    • Installation without agent
    In both architecture I find vShiled install in the platform, I think if I selected the installation with an agent on each VM I have no need of vshiled in my plateforme?

  3. Hi Bilel,

    Yes its correct, If you will use the agent based, no need to have the vShield driver.


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