Deep Security : Supported Agent Features by Platform

I was busy downloading Deep Security 9.5 for a project I am working on when I noticed a new document with the Title : Supported Features by Platform. Must say that this document was really good to read!

So what is this about ? Well there is a few types of Agents:

  • Windows Agents
  • Windows with Agent Less (Using NSX or vShield Manager on ESXi)
  • Linux Agents
  • Linux with Agent Less

Then there is the Features of the Deep Security Agent that is supported on each of these. For Anti-Malware here is the list:

  • File Scan
  • Registry Scan
  • Memory Scan
  • Smart Scan
  • Real Time Scan

Now with Agent Less protection not all of the above is possible. (Note that you can run Agent Protection with Agent Less Protection called Coordinated Approach)

Here is the Deep Security 9.5 Document that gives a great overview of what is supported by which Agent.

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