VM Snapshots : Migration vs Clone

I was busy consolidating some standalone ESXi hosts today. Basicly adding them to my new vCenter and then Migrating the VM’s (Powered off) to my new Cluster and Storage. Easy stuff. I noticed the the one VM had about 13 Snapshots (yea..its the developers VM…). I thought well it will consolidate the snapshots anyway on the target. Well after the migration all the snapshots was still there. This make me think about the difference in Cloning and Migrating a VM with Snapshots.

In my lab I tested this. I created a VM with some Snapshots:


SoI did some tests with this VM.

After a Clone of the VM all the Snapshots were consolidated and thus no more snapshots present.

After a Migration of the VM all the snapshots was still present.

I am sure I knew this at some point far far back but always good to just do a test and then you know the correct expected result.

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