vShield Manager : Changing the host name

I have seen a few installations of vShield Manager where the host name of the vShield Manger was not changed to reflect the correct DNS name. Suppose if you only have 1 vShield Manager in your environment maybe it will not be a problem. But consider using Deep Security where you have have multiple vCenters with each of them having a vShield Manager. So I thought to write a article on how to change the vShield Manager Hostname.

  • Open the console and login with the “admin” user and password
  • Type “enable” with the correct password
  • If you in “enable” mode the prompt should have changed from > to #


  • Type ” configure terminal”
  • Type ” hostname myhostname ” (example : hostname vshield01)
  • This command will stop and start the vShield Manager.
  • Type “end”
  • Type “write”  (This will save the configuration)
  • Type “exit” to log out

With regards to the DNS Name. The only why I have seen to change this is by running the “setup” command.

Some other usefull commands :

  • show filesystem
  • show manager log
  • show log
  • show ethernet
  • show version (Gives the build number also)
  • list (will show all the commands with how to use them)
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