VM’s going in Suspended state

I created a Resource Cluster in my Lab a while ago. The use case for this is to place all my Desktop OS VM and vCloud Director Resources into this Cluster. The issue I started to see is that most of the Virtual Desktops would have an Yellow exclamation mark and the vCPU Mhz usage would be 0 Mhz.

This initial did not bug me at first and ignored it as i was not using my Desktops that much. But I was doing a POC on Deep Security as a Service where I used my Lab to connect to the ISP Deep Security Instance to test some policies. During the testing this worked well…but the next morning I got connection errors from these Desktops. So back to my Desktops and I could see they had this Yellow Exclamation error. Initially I thought there was a issue on the ESXi host 🙂 but that was not the case.

Troubleshooting the event logs the following stand out :


As you can see the VM have entered Standby Mode. After change the Windows 7 Power options not to go into Standby this problem went away.

In additional to this I also changed my Win7 Template Power state settings.

I also found this KB article on VMware View and PCoIP disconnects that is related.

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