vExpert : Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

As part of the vExpert Program we get some free NFR Lic from vendors. I must say I never actually did took advantage last year of all the NFR Lic that we get on the vExpert Program but this year that will change. One of the Companies that gave us a NFR lic is Devolutions. They gave us a 1 year Remote Desktop Manager License. I have been looking for a Remote Desktop Manager that will give me more that just RDP session management. My “Business Needs in my Lab”, I f I can call it that, was to have session management on the following :

  • SSH (Putty)
  •  Radmin
  • TeamViewer
  • VNC
  • and RDP..

What I also saw on the list is X Window and will have to try that out as some point.  I took a screenshot of some of the Visualization sessions that is supported. Yes, VMware Console is also listed and needs PowerCLI to be installed


If you are on the vExpert Program and want a free 1 year NFR License have a look at the vExpert Communities page as the details is there.

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